It's Time to Act, Get Involved Now!

I just gave to Alec Findlay's campaign!

I believe in changing Michigan for the better! Do you? If so, contribute any amount today to a true pragmatic progressive, Alec Findlay. Its time to think big and move Michigan forward!

Help move Michigan forward today by donating to Alec Findlay's campaign!  Every little bit helps and will go to show that the 67th District is ready for innovative and pragmatic change!  This campaign is dedicated to grass roots organizing and will depend on individual contributions.  This means that every one of you who decides to support this campaign is all the more crucial!  We would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make, lets work together for a better and more forward-thinking Michigan! 

If you are inclined to contribute to the campaign, you may make a check out to Alec Findlay's State Representative Campaign and mail it the campaign's mailing address listed below.  Contributions over $20 in cash are prohibited and must be made on a written instrument such as check, money order, credit card, etc.  An individual can only contribute up to a total of $1,000.00 in the election cycle between November 9th 2016-November 8th 2018.  Anymore than $1,000.00 is prohibited.    

Thank you so much for the support!  Forward! 

Campaign Mailing Address:

Alec Findlay State Representative Campaign

4800 Collins Road

P.O. Box 24054

Lansing, MI 48909


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