About Alec Findlay

Alec Findlay was born in Ann Arbor Michigan on February 21, 1993 to parents, John and Marjorie Findlay.  His family also consists of his older sister, Allison.  

Alec was raised by parents who grew up in the 50-70s and they instilled in him a great sense of respect and a sense of duty to our nation and its citizens.  He grew up in a service orientated family participating in 4-H, Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts.  He worked his way up the ranks of the Scouting ladder to eventually reach Eagle Scout.  Throughout his life his family inspired him to work hard and to make the most out of opportunities.

He attended Okemos High school and graduated in 2011 receiving multiple awards for character and dedication.  Alec then went on to pursue a Bachelors degree in Human Biology at Michigan State University.  He plans to graduate in May of 2016.  During his student career at MSU he participated in Army ROTC for four years.  The Spartan Battalion only reinforced the sense of duty Alec felt he had to the State of Michigan and its inhabitants.  He also was elected to Associated Students of Michigan State University General Assembly for two years and sat on a multitude of committees directing and influencing policy at the University.

Alec Findlay intends to pursue his dream of servitude to Michigan and his neighbors by running for State Representative in the 67th District.  He firmly believes that Michigan's glory days are not over and he wants to work towards progressing Michigan forward with common sense policies that will strengthen the middle class and improve our state's education, tourism, environmental controls, and ultimately helping the people of the 67th District and Michigan to live out their American Dreams.

He has high hopes for Michigan and its citizens and he hopes he can work with all of you, for you.        

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