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From talking and listening to hundreds of Michigan voters it seems that Michigan's elections in 2018 really comes down to three issues.  Jobs, Healthcare, and Education.  

1)  Jobs:  Michigan's legislature can and has to do a better job at fostering a good job creation atmosphere.  Minimum wage jobs are good for Michiganders in a pinch but what the 67th District and our state needs is a vast diversified array of good paying full-time jobs.

2)  Healthcare:  Our political leaders also need to recognize that our healthcare industry should not put profit over people.  Healthcare can and should be cheap and accessible to everyone, its as simple as that!

3)  Education:  Our state's educational system has weathered numerous budget cuts and teacher shortages.  Our leaders can allow this to happen any longer.  In order to life up our state's future generations we have to start them off on the right foot.  That means good, well-funded, public education.  That means looking for innovative and modern ways to expand teaching methods and ensuring our state creates the best education system in the nation as well as retaining the best and brightest teachers.  Our future is in our younger generations, it high time we start to invest in their success again.

Findlay believes that pursuing common sense policies in these three fields will better the situations of every Michigander and make our state more competitive and prosperous than it ever was before.  That's why he's made these three issues his priorities.  

Alec believes that everyone regardless of situation or background can provide value to our community and state.  We all have a duty to look out for one another as Michiganders.  This kindred spirit is what inspires Alec to get out in the field and work towards serving the 67th and Michigan any way that he can. 

Lets get to work making Michigan better!